My ‘Wake up and smell the coffee’ (shame it stunk) story also prompted an email and phone call from George Burrows, not a retailer, but an entrepreneur in the coffee business. He compared the coffee machine leasing deals to the photocopier ones doing the rounds a couple of decades ago (shudder: they tied up my helpline for yonks). He refers to the coffee machine deals as: “Big, ugly, expensive systems that take up loads of valuable selling space, need regular cleaning and are very expensive to maintain… and then there is the added cost of staff time in cleaning and sorting out customers who can’t get the thing to work properly - plus wastage! I know this from my local Londis.”

He is working on a launch presentation of various instant sachets (billed as the world’s healthiest, best-tasting instants) which mean no contracts or overhead costs. Just add hot water… and he’s working on that,too, having been to a trade show recently in the West Country and seen a thermo jug which takes up no space and would be suitable for c-stores. Put the two together and, hey presto, quick, space-saving profits.

The brand is called Sisel Kaffe. If you want to learn more ahead of launch you can contact George on