Not that I’ve been saving them up, but I have a raft of complaints about news wholesalers and if you are wondering about the headline, read on.
Cliff White (White’s News, Pevensey Bay, East Sussex), got in touch ages ago when he read about Rajan Jhanjee’s problems with Menzies, which essentially meant many and regular queries over invoices and refused credits.
Cliff specifically queried Menzies’ comments at the time that it provided a daily advice note of allocations.
He says: “I have certainly never received such a communication since the days of T Cox & Sons. Is this only available in selected areas?”
I have put this to Menzies twice since, but sadly there has been no reply forthcoming.
When I spoke again to Cliff to see if there had been any improvement he said it was still a case of having to contact the helpline on a regular basis - a tiresome necessity ever since Menzies took over in his area.
“And this weekend Maidstone is going over to ‘SAP’,” he added. He had not been hearing good things about the new system.
I was able to tell Cliff what SAP stood for and, it is not as in ‘You sap!’ at all.
I’m indebted to John Greenwood from Tickton Store who is well up on the subject. He writes: “SAP is software developed in Germany in 1971 by ex-IBM employees and it originally stood for Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte (SAP). It’s basically an integrated software platform that runs all the various functions of an organisation.”
Cliff greeted this news with: “So, it’s vorsprung durch technik!” Although he doubts the system will run as smoothly as an Audi.
John had noticed that, since Menzies had switched to SAP in his area, the accuracy of credits had deteriorated, although he adds that errors are corrected swiftly (he makes his claims online with i-Menzies).
He also had advice for Rajan regarding credit for returned box-outs. He says: “If Rajan agreed in the past to take box outs then he should be on deferred payment for periodicals and be enjoying a month’s credit on them. If not, he should contact Menzies as I am sure this is standard practice for all their branches.”