The first complaint, from Raja Razzaq who runs Alif Self Service in Shipley, West Yorks, was over penalties for failed direct debits. “Does a company have a right to charge for a missing mandate?” he asked.

Yes, I expect it is in the T&Cs. And I know a lot of companies who levy such charges. His grievance was that he missed a couple and was charged 30 quid a go, but the third time it shot up to £95. And his machine got turned off. He’s not making enough out of the service - when it’s turned on that is - to make up these costs and maintains he had the money to cover, it was just a bit late. To progress the argument he cancelled his direct debit and got a demand for £450 in ‘extra charges’.

I contacted PZ and Lenny Davies, marketing and brand manager, says they were lenient with Raja a few times but he did return unpaid direct debits four times and they are within their rights to charge him £95. He expressed regret and hopes it can be resolved. But, at the time of writing it is rumbling on.