Iain Lyall also asked on his original email regarding Helvetica fonts about the practicalities of moving the stock around his Glan Conwy General Stores.

“Deliveries from wholesalers: how do you check off the tobacco products? Take them to an out-of-sight stockroom was the advice from a person from trading standards. Okay, I say and who looks after the shop while the one person on duty confirms that 75% of the value of your delivery is accurate?

“Don’t we all just love a challenge?”

Ms Anon, from the previous story had advice on that, too, so read on.

On gantry openings she says: “What I would recommend is that you advise retailers to do as much of the stuff requiring the gantry to be opened when they have their shops closed with no customers inside. You can do whatever you like when your shop is not open to the public.

“We try to do our restocking and so on either before my shop opens or after we have closed. This may be difficult for retailers that are open 24 hours, but they must have quiet times when these functions can be done.

“We also do not allow people to ‘have a look’. They have to know what they want, or are directed to the price list, which must be kept up-to-date at all times. The law states that it is possible for customers to request an opening of the gantry, but for how long? And what if they decide not to buy?

“Please do not scare retailers with the illegal openings issue, my TSO may be taking a very hard line. Just tell them that there are six reasons to open a gantry and no others are possible during store opening times.

”The law is easy to find online on government websites. Cigarettes should also be covered up while being moved about from storage, so that customers cannot see the packs.”