Kirit Ved wrote from Ved News in North London’s Stoke Newington to thank both me and Dorothy King of the Press Distribution Forum (and I have to say, she did most of the work).

He says: “Thank you for helping me out with my stolen papers and voucher credits. Just to remind you that a few weeks back the News UK driver left my security door open and my papers (News UK and Smiths News) got stolen. I was fighting in vain.

“Similarly, I returned vouchers worth more than £706 stapled with the newspaper recall note for the right credit. I got credit for the newspapers returned, but News UK didn’t receive my voucher envelope. I tried and tried but with no result.”

He asked them to return his recall note, but was told that they throw away the paperwork.

“As my last resort I spoke to you screaming for help. You directed me to Dorothy King. Dorothy advised me what to do and emailed News UK regarding complaint procedure stage 2 and stage 3 which goes to arbitration (and that if it goes against the wholesaler it gives them a bad reputation).

“To cut short, I was given credit for the vouchers £706.00+ and credit for the newspapers stolen £71+ and compensation worth £107+. What a great relief! Once again, Big Thank You.

One little addition: Dorothy has pointed out that, in accordance with the Press Distribution Charter, the vouchers are supposed to be returned on a weekly basis rather than every three months.

She says: “If vouchers go astray the loss is not so great for all concerned.”