Regular readers will have noticed that I have written about tobacco firms’ loyalty/promotional schemes a few times - mainly to recount how I got retailers their promised vouchers/rewards back. This time I think I have struck out. Twice. Once with Philip Morris and once with BAT.

Kirit Ved (Ved News, Stoke Newington) was approached by a Philip Morris rep and encouraged to take part in a month-long Chesterfield promotion. A mystery shopper would check and if Kirit passed then he and the member of staff would each get £50. He says: “In May we promoted it heavily and then again in June, just to make sure. We didn’t see the rep for three months.”

When he did visit Kirit wasn’t there, but staff rang to say they had failed. He tried his best to get a date and time but was then told that it was his wife who had failed. However, that was for a different promotion, for rolling tobacco. His rep has moved on so Kirit asked if I could contact Philip Morris. I tried but got no response.

I also tried to contact BAT for Manjit Gill, who runs Haydon Stores in Wimbledon. He took part in BAT’s More scheme and was promised £254 in stock. It has been months now of getting nowhere. I started emailing at the beginning of this year and got an acknowledgement but since then, and two reminders, nothing.

Sorry guys.