Derek Cooke rang to say that the 20-year-old Cashzone hole-in-the-wall machine at his Londis in Malvern had been raided four weeks earlier.

The crooks crowbarred the front door and broke in through the back of the ATM. He was surprised at how easily they managed it.

He had been trying to get Cardtronics’ attention and get it repaired, but wasn’t having much luck. Londis put in a word, but no response. Four weeks is a long time. He was also worried that, because the Co-op just up the road also had a Cashzone ATM, the company possibly didn’t want to go to the trouble/expense of fixing his machine (although he says he does – or did – more transactions than the other outlet). His monthly level was about £200,000. Another worry was no copy of the contract available (and sort of buried in the mists of time as the ATM company had changed hands several times).

I got in touch with Cashzone’s PR company and got a quick response, as follows: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our team has been in touch with Mr Cooke and we can confirm that we have now agreed the final details for a replacement. We are looking forward to working with Mr Cooke in the coming years.”