Rohitumar Gudka from The Toybox in London says he has noticed a charge of 22p on his statement for THL till roll commission.

He wonders what the charge is for as he doesn’t buy his till rolls from PZ.

The good news is that it isn’t a charge at all. A Payzone spokeswoman says: “In October 2012, an incentive was launched to offer retailers a chance to earn extra commission for processing The Health Lottery transactions. To qualify, a retailer must process 20 or more ticket sales in a week.  Each week that this is achieved, Payzone pay the retailer a commission equivalent to the cost of till roll used.”

Rohit also asked why top-ups cannot be reversed/cancelled (he mistakenly issued one that a customer didn’t want).

The reply is: “Mobile top-ups can only be refunded if the voucher number is illegible due to a terminal fault – printer breaking and so on. In this case, the merchant would need to send the voucher to Payzone and we would contact the network to refund the transaction.

“If the voucher was processed incorrectly due to human error (wrong top-up or till roll ran out) we cannot refund the merchant as the networks will not refund Payzone. We advise the retailer to sell the voucher on to a different customer.”

That sounded like more good news but Rohit says: “It is one of those vouchers we cannot sell so I am stuck with this one. Can we not send it to that network for a refund as it has not been used?”

He’s going to try that. Does anybody else have good news for him