A n unusual call came from Gail Winfield who trades as 727 Newsagent (named after the hours they keep) in Lybster, Caithness. Gail wanted to point out that, most of the time, wholesaler Menzies gets it right, doing a difficult job. And it’s actually the publishers that should get slagged off for their failure to bring their product to market in good time.

“Why hold up publishing for the football results? The reason today was ‘late bunched publisher arrivals’. And Menzies gets the flak.”

Her supplies come from Inverness. “It’s 100 miles from the depot to my store.” And the delivery lorries have to deal with the likes of slow moving tractors in this area.

Gail, who does not hesitate in calling a spade a shovel, admits that Menzies has had glitches in their system and she rang them to tell them so. “We have a recall note that comes in and you return the magazines. One item cost £3.40 and yet the item recalled is £3.25. It happened again today - the cost was £3.99 but the recall note says £2.63.”

She says this meant that Menzies would be out of pocket on these items and she reported it, although she reckons many wouldn’t.

Gail is also a district member of the NFRN and looks after the Inverness branch which is the largest geographically (not numerically) in the country, representing six counties and six islands. She adds: “If there is a problem I call it in through NFRN Connect. The call centre at Durham is amazing.”