Nikhil Patel runs Desborough News in East London’s Walthamstow. He tried to cancel his PayPoint contract, but was told there would be a cancellation fee of £1,200. The reason he wanted rid of it is that it is unprofitable.

He told me he is paying £55 a month service charge plus £25 rental. His bank fee with Lloyds is costing him £65 a month so it’s £145 altogether. And the contract isn’t up until June 2020.

He was also told that he would be hit with two failed direct debit charges of £180, which were not his fault. He notified PP by email and post that, on his bank manager’s advice, he was transferring from RBS to NatWest (he previously had business accounts with both which no longer made sense now that the two banks are merged). But PP said it hadn’t received the notifications.

He also maintains that when he took delivery of his new PP machine he didn’t realise he was signing a new contract - he thought it was a delivery note - and no one pointed out the cancellation fee.

I put this to PayPoint and sent a copy of his letter from NatWest proving that the direct debit failures were not his fault, but I didn’t get the overall hoped-for result regarding the cancellation fee.

PP said: “Mr Patel did sign a contract with one of our representatives in January 2017, where all charges were explained to him. This would have been weeks before a new machine was delivered. The charge has been cancelled on his direct debit failures.”

At least Nikhil had had the foresight to put in his two years’ notice last June.