I can tell those of you wondering where your rebates have got to from photocopy company Lanwell Systems that the company will be communicating with everyone
very soon.
Dalwar Singh, who runs a Spar store at Crosshills, Bradford, rang to complain that the company was not adhering to its promise to reimburse retailers who did not reach their targets. "In October I took £943 and the first rebate was due in January. I haven't had a penny back. I keep getting fobbed off with excuses," says Dalwar.
I spoke to Mark Waller, managing director of Lanwell Systems, who explained that the deal was a profit-share partnership. "Retailers pay £300 a quarter rental to the Bank of Scotland. If they do 600 colour copies at 50p every three months, they break even. Anything above that we split 50/50. But we buy back anything that doesn't reach the transaction level, so it's rather like sale or return." He confirmed that Dalwar did have a couple of credits on the system and said there had been a number of head office problems. "The product has been very successful but staff levels have been too low and we've been swamped. I've added an extra layer of admin now and I'll be sending a personal letter out to explain the situation to everyone."
He said the problem had been made worse by rebates having been paid to people who had stopped paying their lease agreement.
"There are probably 50 people disgruntled with us but they will get their rebates by the end of May," he concluded.