British Gas has been getting itself some good publicity lately (first energy supplier to announce the end of rollover contracts - to take effect from June 2014) so Dan Cock, one of our C-Store Champions, reckons it is time to point out a screw-up on this year’s contract for gas and electricity supplies to his Premier Whitstone Village Stores at Holsworthy in Devon.

He has been with British Gas for about five years and he knows enough to cancel his contract at the same time that he renews it every year. That way he always gets the best deal going. And that, by the way, is stock advice from any energy broker.

“But this year they said they didn’t receive the cancellation and the best they could do was a renewal rate, rather than matching what I could get elsewhere,” says Dan.

Then when the contract arrived Dan saw that the contract was for two years rather than the customary one year.

When he complained British Gas said it would have to listen to the tape and get back to him about it. They didn’t and the dispute dragged on for a few months.

So Dan took to Twitter, which got a rapid response from British Gas’ renewals complaint executive (what a glory title). She has now amended Dan’s contract term to one year and applied a credit of £165 to his account.

Dan writes: “A happy outcome, all because of one little tweet to British Gas!”