Back in May I included a couple of stories about three retailers complaining over broadband switching delays and the subsequent screwing up of their Redcare alarm systems.

Ian Hughes, affinity development manager for Bluefin Insurance, catching up on back issues of C-Store via our website, came across the stories and rang with a reminder about Redcare.

Just because Redcare is wholly owned by BT doesn’t make BT liable if your Redcare goes down (and you get burgled) after a broadband switch.

“If Redcare is mucked up, it affects insurance immediately,” says Ian. “If the retailer can’t set it as per the conditions in full and there is a break-in that night, the insurance is invalid.”

Here is the simple, if unpleasant, truth: someone has to stay on the premises all night, and until Redcare is up and running again. If it comes to it, adds Ian, you’d be better off sleeping on the floor yourself than leaving the place unprotected.•