Most of the ATM cases I get involved in don’t end all that amicably, but this one was different. Oh, it started out just the same. My anonymous caller had a beef about his YourCash machine, originally branded Hanco, which he had bought for £3,500. Two years into a five-year contract he decided to sell his business and rang YourCash to terminate (the buyer wants a free-to-use ATM). He was told that he would have to pay a penalty for loss of earnings.

I asked him how much, but apparently he hadn’t found out, ending the conversation with YourCash on a bitter note. I also asked him what his contract said and he didn’t know that either. He just wanted out.

YourCash got back jolly quickly, resolving the situation practically overnight. They advised Mr Anon on how to end the contract with written notice.

A spokeswoman said: “As a business, we do everything we can to help and support our customers, but equally our merchants do have contractual obligations, including filling the ATM and keeping us informed of any situations that may affect the ATM.

“When such cases occur, where the merchant can no longer support the ATM, we will make every effort to find a solution to keep the ATM on site, however there will be occasions where we have no choice but to exit the customer from their contract, and we do ensure this is always done in a fair and considered manner.”

Wish they were all like that.