In the 4 July issue I recounted the tale of a retailer’s search for a professional retail consultant. Although in a symbol group he wasn’t getting on with his regional manager and wanted some independent advice.

Nigel Hickinbottom emailed: “I run a retail consultancy business called Convenience Store Services, which specialises in advising independent and symbol group retailers on how to obtain maximum net profit from their stores at a minimum cost.

“I have spent 34 years in the convenience store industry and have a wealth of experience in all aspects of convenience store retailing.”

He enclosed a copy of the leaflet sent to stores to give me an idea of the range of services provided. These include advice on financial controls, cash flow and stockholding control, pricing and promotional activity.

CSS specialises in these areas for all sorts of c-stores including offies, CTNs and forecourts. It caters for indies, symbols and multiple store operators.

So if you have a tired store but cannot afford a refit, need fresh eyes and new ideas, give Nigel a call on 07940 025682. And the first store visit is free!