A frequent communicator to this column, Subhash Varambhia (Snutch News, Leicester), is more than any old newsagent. He’s a determined political activist. He is therefore not very popular with certain authorities.

The latest to come under his fire is the local council, which has introduced a residents’ parking permit scheme on what it says is a trial basis until November. The scheme was brought in owing to popular demand, claims the council.

Subhash has done his own survey and petition and says he has far more disagreeing with the scheme. He has 563 signatures and maintains that the council has only 47. He has lobbied via the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and at various local meetings, and been in touch with campaigner Albert Herbert who styles himself as The Black Beret.

Albert was one of the ‘stars’ of the BBC1 documentary series Parking Mad, aired this spring. He had pored over Islington’s parking regs and found a clause missing which could render the 850,000 tickets issued since 2008 invalid - £90m is at stake. Albert fought a ticket on that basis and won, which he believes will set a precedent.

Subhash contacted The Black Beret, but he is so busy in London he cannot afford the time to get involved in Leicester.

Perhaps Subhash should become a caped crusader himself. I imagine Leicester expects it. Meanwhile, he wants to seek legal advice so I’ve sent him to Lawyers for your Business - they will give you a free half-hour on the phone.