Jatinder (Jimmy) Bajaj called from Housewife Cash & Carry in North West London. Back in April his PayPoint machine was swapped to do rapid response. Since then his credit card facility has been deactivated and has never been resolved, yet he is still being charged for the service.

Meanwhile, Worldpay is charging him as well. He also got a chargeback from Worldpay for £476.99, even though he is not offering the service! Worldpay tells him these are ‘duplicate transactions’ through PP, even though no transactions are taking place.

When he called me he had been writing email after email, with no joy. He had been moved to threatening to cancel his PP direct debit.

I asked PayPoint to investigate asap. Steve O’Neill, group marketing director for PayPoint, replied: “We’ve spoken to Jatinder, apologised for the mess, established what’s happened and have offered him the following, which he’s happy with: advised that we are going to refund all the pin pad charges for the equipment; he is going to send us his WorldPay invoices so we can look at these and support him in recovering charges; going to remove the pin pad free with no balance of contract. We’ve also agreed we will refund the most recent failed DD charge, too.”

And finally, he adds: “We’re also clearly reviewing why this has happened to ensure this isn’t repeated in the future.”

When I rang Jimmy to update him he was fairly happy, but he added that he had also been told that PP had had issues with Worldpay. The word was that “contactless payment makes Worldpay go haywire” and he thought that he should have been told this.