Narendra Chag (Londis, SE London) called with what he called a “silly problem”. He keeps on asking Menzies for a separate invoice, but they come on the back of recall notes. Obviously if he is returning product he will use the recall note and then lose his invoice.

I put this to Menzies and got a pretty straightforward explanation: “Mr Chag’s recall notes are for his own reference only, and we don’t require them to be returned.

“In the past, recall notes were required as part of the wholesale book-keeping process; today our equipment scans, image-captures and identifies every copy returned to us. As a result, we have a complete digital record of every parcel which offers the same book-keeping check as a completed recall note. We continue to produce the notes on the reverse of invoices because our customers find them a useful tool for recording and retaining their unsold levels.

No need to worry then.