The word ‘power’ is often associated with ‘struggle’. And when you look at how much electricity your store is using and the confusing tariffs offered by energy companies then you get that sense of struggle. They are struggling to package power, leaving you to struggle to make sense of their offering.

Had two similar calls since the last issue from retailers feeling, well, a bit powerless. Darshan Singh, who runs a Nisa in South Shields, switched from EON to Npower on a one-year fixed contract ending next February. Direct debit £169 a month.

Now he’s had a letter telling him that his bill would be changing to £608 because the previous amount did not cover his usage. He says: “I’ve got the same fridges, same lights, same hours. I think they started cheap to get come-on custom.”

I think he’s right.

Then Ahmed Guven rang on behalf of his brother who runs New Delta Wines. They are on an EDF contract running until June 2017. EDF said their consumption had increased (although they said it hadn’t) and the bill would be going up by £3.60 per day from now on.

Given that I have as much clout with energy companies as I do with Father Christmas, I sent both retailers to Ofgem to complain and to (a broker specialising in getting better). They won’t charge you and they deal with all the big energy companies, not just one or two favoured ones.