If you are in West Yorkshire you will no doubt have heard of the Metro travel card, or MCard as it is known. Mohan Singh, who runs Air View Stores in Keighley, says that his Payzone machine allows him to process top-ups.

Normally never a problem. But one day Mohan’s mum was covering the counter and being unaccustomed to topping up MCards, mistakenly did a transaction for a lady who wanted a monthly travel ticket. She processed it as a term ticket instead: £200. The lady, of course, didn’t pay and Mohan still had the card. He rang PZ to reverse the transaction, but was told that, since he had made another transaction after that it could not be reversed, but he would be reimbursed if he emailed the details.

He did this and checked that credit control had received it, but they said it would now go to management who would have to talk to the MCard people.

He was concerned that it was taking so long and that no one got back to him. It sounded to me as though it was just a matter of someone cutting through all the various departments to make the refund happen so I contacted PZ to see if it could be speeded up.

The upshot was very interesting.

MCard doesn’t do refunds. Mohan was told that, since the machine does give the retailer three prompts during the transaction, that should be good enough.

“I think it’s harsh,” he says, “anyone can make a human error.”

You can imagine how long it would take him to make that sum on the peanuts that Payzone pays.

But then, after nearly two months he got the refund. Payzone appears to have taken it on the chin.