Rakscha Patel rang from HM Wines in Biggin Hill, Kent, to say that she and her husband had just come back from a three-week holiday to discover that their lottery terminal had been switched off and a letter saying the service would be terminated. She said they had informed Camelot three times that they would be closed for three weeks.

She said she always informs everyone: post, milk, refuse collection, everything. Did the same thing a couple of years back.

When she rang Camelot they told her they hadn’t come to a conclusion yet and were still investigating, hence her call to me.

Camelot had a good look but couldn’t find the notification. However, the press officer said it sounded as if there was a misunderstanding somewhere along the line.

He added: “However, all’s well that ends well - my colleagues have been in touch with the Patels and got everything set up again.”