In the June 7 issue I aired Jackie Symons’ concerns over Coke’s introduction of the 1.75ltr bottle for c-stores. She pointed out that Sainsbury’s shoppers can get three litres for just £2, a similar price to her 1.75ltr. I left the door open for the company to reply and Darren Goldney, wholesale sales director Coca-Cola Enterprises, has done so.

“The decision to introduce 1.75ltr pack to our Coke portfolio in the convenience channel is based on robust insight into the purchasing behaviour of how convenience shoppers buy take-home formats of Cola. The 1.75ltr is designed to best serve a top-up basket shop, often made on foot, and to appeal to households in that environment.

“The new 1.75ltr format launched with a ‘two for £2’ offer that ran for a limited time in cash and carries. It was introduced on the back of customer feedback that called for a leading launch mechanic that compared favourably to other channels. The promotion has helped to quickly establish this new pack in the minds of shoppers, who may then continue to buy from their local stores.

“The 1.75ltr pack itself has been introduced specifically for the convenience channel and is designed to improve business by attracting more shoppers to local stores, more frequently.”