A lot of people have strong views on PayPoint. Kully Aujla is no exception, although her story is exceptional. She has four Nisa stores, all with PayPoint. She recently took on a fifth, under the Bargain Booze banner, in Houghton-le-Spring, Co Durham. There was a PP terminal there so she filled in all the paperwork and had a phone line installed.

Then she was told that she could only have PP if she took on either Chip and PIN or a cash machine. Trouble is, Chip and PIN was already integrated into her Bargain Booze epos system. And she had already signed a contract with DC for a cash machine – she tried to get out of the contract but DC was not having it.

She spent £100K on a refit and pointed this out to PP. The rep said the rule is you have to take another service because you won’t meet the minimum transaction level in this area. She wondered why the previous owner was allowed a terminal, because he didn’t have Chip and PIN and had a different cash machine.

In 10 days she says she has had 14/15 requests for the service and was confident she would get the transactions. She says: “I think it will be a big pull, but I feel like I am being blackmailed into taking something I don’t want.”

There was one other minor hitch – the Payzone logo was on the fascia. Kully said it would be removed. Again PP said no.

Anyone else would have given up at this point. She complained to the NFRN, and to Bargain Booze and both wrote to PP on her behalf. (I wrote to PP that, for my money, she sounded like someone PP would want to be part of its estate. Indeed, I’ve never known anyone who was keener to get a terminal).

As this is being written, PP is on its way to her with a contract.