This story is only half anonymous. It concerns Camelot. The retailer rang to tell me a puzzling tale. He said that Camelot was going to take his Scratchcards and terminal away.

He had previously bought some Scratchcards at his own store and elsewhere and cashed in £60-worth at Asda. Camelot rang and said we’ve had a complaint from Asda.

He was told he should have put them through his own store (up to a limit of £500). “They said it was not good practice,” he says.

It was more of a ‘tch, you shouldn’t do that’ than an ultimatum so he did it a second time (it was after hours, his day off and he lives near the Asda). Then he was told he was suspended. He appealed and, after consideration, he was told he would lose the lot, Scratchcards and terminal.

He seems to think that the cashier at Asda doesn’t like him and kicked up a fuss. He can’t understand this and says that twice he was paid £100 extra at Asda and twice he drew their attention to the mistake. He says it proves he is not a fraudulent type, and he would not have done it a second time if the consequences had been made clear.

I asked Camelot why this punishment and a spokesman replied: “In line with our Retailer Agreement, we need to investigate any concerns around potential misuse of National Lottery stock. In keeping with our responsible play strategy and to maintain the integrity of the National Lottery, we’re very firm on this stance - and repeated breaches of this rule may lead to a retailer’s contract with us being terminated.

“Our security team has assured me that this matter has been looked into thoroughly. There were two separate discussions before the terminal was suspended. This case has also gone through two rounds of appeals, neither of which have seen a satisfactory reason for the National Lottery terminal to be reinstated in this store.

“I appreciate this may not be the outcome that Mr X is hoping for, but hope this is useful to you.”

Well, I hand it on to readers. I don’t quite understand why he lost his terminal over buying a few tickets himself and cashing them in somewhere else, but take heed and don’t do it.