Back in February I reported that I had a call to my helpline from Vipul Pabari who runs Connaught Rd PO & General Stores in Market Harborough, Leics and who had the bad luck to fall off of two reward schemes, one run by Mars and the other by Heineken.


After his Mars rep changed he said he got no visits. And reckoned he was losing about £40 a month while faithfully following the planograms. Mars wasn’t a problem. They got straight back to me and swiftly sorted the situation.

Pradeep Kumar Velayudan, who runs a Londis in Bexleyheath, Kent, found the article online prompting him to write that he had the same issue, losing his Mars Wrigleys rewards despite following the planogram. He too said he was missing around £40 a month in rewards.

Once again Mars got back quickly. They had been visiting – just not seeing the owner.

And furthermore the rewards had been given. They just hadn’t been claimed correctly on the ‘Shopt’ app. That had been explained and all was now right as rain.