I told Evelyn Wilkins that I would tell her Payzone story just in case push comes to shove. “It’s just a moan really,” points out Evelyn.

Payzone lost its British Gas payments facility so Evelyn’s Payzone takings dropped to the point where the company imposed a low transaction fee on her. “And they dropped the commission on top-ups too.”

When she complained Payzone said it would waive the low transaction fee if she would sign up for another three years.

She refused to do this and was then told a year’s notice was required.

Evelyn was indignant. “On a good week I make 76p on it. It’s me paying them to serve the public.”

What about other purchases? “With 75% of people it’s thank you very much (for the transaction) and goodbye, not so much as a bar of chocolate.”

Well, Payzone has now agreed to let Evelyn out of the contract with just one month’s notice and so this story was to ‘put it into writing’ for her.

In fact, I think that Payzone behaved pretty well considering other players in this field who I’m sure would have taken a far stronger stance with her.