It may seem as though I write about this more often than you’ve had hot dinners, but if we added up all those who have been duped by ratings ‘specialists’, that sum would be far greater. So, do not be tempted to sign up to any cold callers in respect of the forthcoming 2017 revaluation.

It is probable that, following this, a high proportion of convenience store owners are likely to be exempt from business rates anyway. For many, the new rateable value from 1 April next year will be under £12,000. And for those over that, you may very well gain the benefit of the new small business rate scheme.

There are some dodgy dudes out there. I’ve been shown internet evidence of two companies with very different names but using the same picture (a group of what looks like The Apprentice finalists) to promote their websites. A Companies House search showed the same director for both.