My Northern ‘correspondent’ (Glyn Reece, Penny’s in Chester), has added to the hoo-ha over Menzies switching from an 0845 telephone code to an 0844 one to ‘save their customers money’. He sent me a useful link:

It is headed: Make money with 0844, 0845 and 0871 numbers and goes on to say: “If you are wondering how your business can make money from an 0844 number or 0871 number, all you need is a geographical business phone line or lines which take more than 2,000 minutes of inbound calls every month. We connect your business numbers to your landline numbers and then you just take your calls as normal and collect profit share on your inbound minutes.

It adds: “We will pay 0844 revenue from 1p/minute at all times depending upon the agreed terms and call plan requirements. Higher 0844 outpayments are available depending upon call/minute volumes.

The site is no longer recommending 0845 “if you are looking to make money from business telephone numbers”.

That’s because Ofcom has announced that the status of 0845 as a low call rate number will change and eventually profit share will not be available on 0845 numbers.

Menzies told me that they don’t make anything on their 0844 numbers.