The kind (he says he’s a fan) Dilip Patel, whose Londis trades at Clapham Park in south-west London, offered feedback on two news-and-mags-related stories that I reported on two issues back. First, those soggy bundles.

He writes in response to ‘When will my supplies dry up?’ saying it is something all news retailers will have experienced.

“After discussing the issue with our delivery driver, he suggested that at times, scrap paper is placed at the base of each box to help prevent saleable magazines and journals from becoming wet from water seated at the base of tote boxes. We have asked for this to be done by our wholesaler and it seems to help. We in turn, return our unsold magazines by lining the base with scrap paper.”

Dilip did then suggest that, rather than running his tips, it might be better coming from the wholesaler (and he says, yes, he does believe in Santa!). Indeed, it might be better, except the wholesaler hasn’t been forthcoming thus far so Dilip’s grass roots advice will do nicely.

He then moved onto the ‘The daily Irish troubles keep coming’ (Naresh Chadda couldn’t stop his wholesaler insisting on upping his order of two Irish dailies, even though he knew he would never sell them).

Dilip says he’s discovered a service offered by Menzies called ‘Positive Constraint’. He goes on: “Magazines and news journals which we know will not see any changes in sales, can be fixed by the wholesaler, in order to guarantee a certain number of copies.”

As he learned this in discussion at a retail show he wonders: “Why didn’t someone tell me about this previously?”

Well, now you all know.