Anand Patel rang from West Street News, in Farnham, over Camelot’s Scratchcard replenishment system.

The day before he had had to send a photo by email to prove that his dispenser didn’t have enough cards to sell. According to Camelot he still had 111 tickets, but he actually had none. Out of 12 dispensers, six were empty. This was a regular occurrence and he was losing business/customers over it.

A few months ago, as part of a Camelot initiative, he had a store visit from his rep, his area manager and someone from head office. Anand says: “They saw it first hand and the head office guy said now I understand and I will go back and fix it.” Nothing happened. On top of this, telesales ring him over his sales being down! He was pulling his hair out. He was also told at one point he should ask the person who buys the last ticket to scratch it on the spot so that his order is activated. He didn’t want to do that.

I contacted Camelot and it’s fixed.

A spokesman says: “The problem was down to our system incorrectly showing that he had a second Scratchcard dispenser. This caused issues with the auto-replenishment process.

“One of my colleagues has been in touch with Mr Patel and provided him with direct contact at Camelot should he have any further problems. They are also looking into why this error wasn’t spotted, particularly in light of the fact he received a recent visit from a rep, to prevent it from occurring again for others.”