I got a call from Karmail Singh, the retailer who lost his licence after his mother died. (She had been the premises licence holder and he did not inform the council within the required seven days.) Happily, his licence has now been reinstated.
"If I had been on a course, we would have been made aware of this requirement," he points out.
The new licensing laws have more wrinkles than I do so, yes, any chance of a course, go for it.
Losing the licence has damaged his business. "There is less loyalty now. We had to explain to every customer why the shelves were covered up. We lost about £700 a week in alcohol and attendant sales."
On top of all this, Karmail has had his mother's funeral arrangements to contend with. The day after we spoke he was off to India to scatter his mother's ashes in the Ganges, leaving his son to try to think up ways to promote their 'new' stock.