Amar Dhillon got in touch from Park Stores, Cheltenham, with a reply he had received from Smiths News regarding his complaints.

He says: “Very interesting to note in their reply is that they accept failure in all the aspects I complained about. I think it’s worth publishing this fact and shaming Smiths News as they are a source of frustration for thousands of retailers.”

Smiths’ response identified three things: that Amar was short 27 copies of Irish Indy Festival special; they were unable to replenish missed stock; and unable to notify him due to phone lines not working correctly.

After investigation they said that the packers were doing manual calculations and they got it wrong. Then he was recharged for the non-supply. Smiths put it down to human error and said: “As a goodwill gesture we will credit your account the sum of 27 Irish Indy Festival special.”

Well it’s hardly ‘goodwill’ is it? It’s what they should have delivered, so they were just crediting what he was owed.