Nigel Crocker put it very well when he wrote from Hayes News in Cardiff: “In response to your article in the current issue of Convenience Store (3 Nov), I couldn’t agree more with Asif Mahmood regarding Camelot’s handling of misprinted tickets.

“Over the years we have lost the value of dozens of tickets simply because it is quicker and probably more cost effective for us to replace the ticket at our own cost.

“We have a busy city centre store where customers are normally in a rush, and we are certainly keen to serve them and move on to the next customer. If we followed Camelot’s guidance, not only does the customer get annoyed at the delay while we are trying to get through on the hotline, but they probably won’t want to return.

“We are also unable to use the terminal until we have resolved the issue over the phone, which again loses customers who might want to play the lottery.

“It’s not just Camelot that this happens with, we had the same issue with Payzone and in the end we decided to terminate our contract with them.

“There must be a quicker and fairer system.”