Nav Mistry was one of several to get in touch over BAT’s More Together loyalty scheme. His store, The Green Minimarket in Bradford, West Yorkshire, followed the scheme and he had £94 on his card that he couldn’t access. The deadline to spend was December 14. Happily, it just took an email to head office and Nav says he received a new card.

In Harry Singh’s case I wasn’t too sure of success. Harry had taken part in a Chesterfield promotion at his Express Convenience Store in Cambridge. “They gave me £50 in vouchers, but the website says they are not activated. This has been going on since September.”

Via Philip Morris customer services I was given an email address. Then, since a few weeks had passed, I sent a reminder. Still no response so I got in touch with Harry. He went onto the website again and this time was able to activate the vouchers.

He says he’s sure I triggered it. I’m not so sure. Although I see that Philip Morris has been busy with the UK launch of its IQOS heated tobacco system. Appears to have big plans for that one so watch out for the next loyalty incentive.