After I asked for recommendations for a card machine supplier for Vipul Pabari of Connaught Rd Post Office in Market Harborough on the basis that I wasn’t the best person to ask, I’ve had a few suggestions.

Ashok Sthankiya writes: “Payzone which is now known as Take Payment has one year contracts with low terminal rentals. If you have an integrated epos system with Reposs then Paymentsense is a good option as there is no monthly rental on terminals.”

Apparently the Reposs system comes with 30 day rolling contracts. And Ashok adds: “Recently Handepay are also advertising aggressively so that would also be good bet.

“I am with Reposs integrated epos because of the 30 day contract and as your transactions increase you can negotiate lower fees with Paymentsense.”

On the Booker symbols unofficial site there was a bit of discussion about Paymentsense.

The first to reply said: “Retail Merchant Services are good. They use Elavon but I got slightly better rates by going through RMS rather than direct to Elavon. Fees are transparent and low and with most banks the settlement is next day. Stay away from Paymentsense who have lots of hidden fees.”

Whereas another countered that Paymentsense had the best rates and said their services couldn’t be beaten, depending on card turnover. Another agreed with him and yet another said you get next day settlement with them.

But the first retailer reckoned the deal must differ from when she was with them. She says: “They must have changed then. They were known to be appalling a couple of years ago when we were with them. I paid to get out of their contract due to hidden fees and dreadful customer service. Also when I changed from Paymentsense to RMS I halved my monthly charges.”

Worldpay got two mentions. One said: “We use WorldPay integrated with epos, not the cheapest but VERY transparent, no hidden charges…came away from Barclaycard after many years as they decided to charge me two-and-a-half the contracted rate, without giving any notice… no refund.

And finally Global Card Services offered one retailer a really good deal after he had looked around at all the others.

Meanwhile Vipul has been doing further research and when I last spoke to him he was considering going with Cardsaver which agreed to a one year contract instead of three for an extra fiver per month (£17 rather than £12.50).

He also discovered SumUp which is basically for people who don’t do many card transactions. “You pay them £129 and give them a commission of 1.69% and there’s nothing else,” says Vipul.

I looked it up and the £129 will get you a SumUp 3G card reader and a printer.

I guess like all contracts, when looking for the one that suits you, the three things to always look for is how much, for how long and are there any penalties for leaving early. That’s just for starters…then get your microscope out for the fine print.

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