It is not too late to come forward if you have experienced problems with your Horizon accountancy system. The Justice for Subpostmasters’ Alliance (jfsa) is calling upon any and all to do so.

As you will have seen in the last issue, an independent investigation by forensic accountancy firm Second Sight has uncovered defects - although the Post Office is claiming the problem is very tiny. Since it previously denied any possibility of glitches, this has to be called progress.

Graham Ward, who formerly ran Rivenhall Post Office, at Rivenhall in Essex, told me: “They have only examined four cases and have at least another 43 to look at (including mine). They should not be stating that the programming is safe yet. Therefore, jfsa ( need people to come forward with current and old cases.”

By the time you read this, jfsa will have just held their latest meeting (July 28) and I imagine the mood would have been a lot more hopeful than in the past.•