A couple of retailers have been in touch (both wishing to remain anonymous) over charging for credit cards. Both point out that corporate cards are a different matter.

Anon one wrote: “I knew that HMRC announced in December they were no longer going to accept credit card payments. But what do I see - you can pay by credit card if it’s a corporate card. There are fees to pay based on the card scheme.”

Anon two wrote: “Interesting discussion with a legally qualified friend. While it is illegal to charge for credit card payments for personal cards, it is not illegal to charge for corporate or business cards.

“There is an argument that if you use a personal card to pay a business debt, then the card could be classed as commercial. It remains to be seen if any supplier would choose to test this in law.”

And Subhash sent me an infographic. It depicts the interaction between shop and customer and card provider using boxes and arrows. He says: “My instinct tells me that a legal challenge would overturn the ban. A customer makes a choice to ‘buy’ a card service from the provider. The provider should levy for the pleasure of the service. It is his choice. Like a plane fare: first or second.”