From time to time Paul Moscardini gets in touch over his erratic delivery times to his Hallfield Lane Stores in Wetherby. Five years ago he was having problems and once again it’s bad. He points to Mondays in particular and calls it “the most regular of erratic arriving, as late as an hour after I open”.

He adds: “I have the full catalogue of excuses from Menzies and the usual level of non-communication from the depot. I have had the ‘your parcels were scanned at’ excuse, even though I have footage of the parcels not being scanned on arrival here and are clearly being scanned way before arrival to my shop.”

He has been through to the third stage in the complaints process, but he begs: “How many more stages, how much more time do I have to spend on the phone racking up my phone bill, how much longer are these people going to screw up my business?”

He thinks their attitude is ‘you can’t go anywhere else so stuff you’. “Because that is what it feels like.”

He asks whether he should consider going to the small claims court in a bid to get his costs back. It’s an interesting idea. Have any of you ever tried that?

He is also writing to his MP with a copy to the trade secretary and the Competition and Markets Authority and “anyone else that will help me create holy hell”.