There’s a new drink product on the market, called Upbeat. It’s a fresh high-protein dairy drink produced by The Good Whey Company. And I say, give it a go.

I say this because I am now going to tell you about the problem one retailer had with it.

Piush Patel says a Reach rep (the third-party company which merchandises Nestlé and O2 and so on) sold it to him and he swiftly realised it had a very short date. He didn’t blame the rep as she may not have noticed when she picked up her supplies. His beef was that he had been unable to sell the product.

I rang Upbeat and Ivor Harrison, the general manager, promised to sort it out. He was more than concerned: new product, new company, enthusiasm all round.

The good people of Deptford (South-East London) on Piush’s patch may not be ready for the product, but I’ll bet some in other areas will be. There are raves on Facebook and Twitter.

As this sector knows, new products are the lifeblood.•