Suppliers seldom refuse customers, although it does happen and it isn’t illegal. But it isn’t often that you hear about a major national newspaper turning away a subscriber, especially given their diminishing readerships.

In the June 6 issue I recounted Kirit Ved’s complaint about The Daily Telegraph refusing to give him the same discount vouchers that his customers enjoyed.

Kirit (Ved’s News, Stoke Newington, North-east London) had bought the newspaper on subscription for several years so that his missus could do the crossword.

According to the paper, it’s in the T&C that newsagents cannot have the discounts. But Kirit complained further and labelled it discriminatory. So now they won’t even let him subscribe.

He could buy it from his own stock (or remove that page if he has returns). But he says it is the principle. He asked me whether I could do something about it, but I pointed out that The Daily Telegraph would laugh its socks off if I threatened to report this unless it revised its T&C.

I suggested he talk to The Guardian about that finger-pointy discrimination.