Ken Patel rang the help-line from Fulford Road PO in Bristol, complaining that he couldn’t get through to a person at Philip Morris.

He joined PMI’s Drive Card reward scheme in October 2016. He says that compliance had been checked once or twice a year, but his rep had now left. He wanted to be able to check his balance on his mobile or over the internet, but says he only has a phone number (on the back of the card). He finds the phone number very frustrating. First there is always a queue and then you have to leave a message and no one rings back. He just wanted to see that everything was on course.

I got through to corporate affairs without much bother and got a statement: “I can confirm that I have spoken to Mr Patel, and that he has also been contacted by the Drive Card team and he is happy.”

I checked with Ken and he was indeed happy. He said that Philip Morris had told him that the phone number was for a company they contracted to run the scheme and that someone should have returned the calls.