In 2012 I reported a wrangle which an about-to-retire retailer named Marion was having over her Handepay debit card machine and its non-transferable clause. She was being billed for another 3.5 years’ rental, amounting to about £480 plus VAT. Even if the new owners took on the machine there would have only been a £150 rebate.

I don’t know if this was ever resolved, but I was subsequently contacted by someone called June who was having a similar problem. She had come across my piece and said Handepay was taking her through small claims court for £500-plus.

The judge had set aside judgement and June was planning to use my article as part of the ‘other information’ section in the Allocation Questionnaire to form part of her defence.

I’ve just had another email from June telling me of the outcome: the case against her was dismissed.

I think it’s rather nice that Marion told me the story, even though she was leaving the business and that June (who was never in the retail business) sent me feedback in case it may help others.