How many of you were as eagle-eyed as Eddie Pitman who runs Pitman's, an offie in Great Yarmouth?
He rang up to say: "Here, I've had a package from a Gallaher's rep full of bumph about the new cigarette rules. The CitizenCard application form and sample card both show a girl called Jenny Armstrong whose date of birth is April 23, 1990. It's supposed to be an adult 18+ card.
"Now, I might be 73 years old but I can still do my times tables. With that date of birth, I make her 17."
Oh, well spotted. I rang Andrew Chevis, chief executive officer of CitizenCard, who immediately said: "Hands up. It's our cock-up, a silly mistake. Apparently, we printed application and sample cards from the future."
It turns out that the sample card was originally designed for those aged 16-17, but updated for the new 18-year-old rules except for that teensy date mishap which must have passed umpteen desks and got through without anyone noticing.
"We have reprinted 30,000 packs," says Andrew, "so anyone can apply for the cards with the correct date, April 23, 1989, or even totally new packs. But there's no need to throw the incorrect cards away, they are still usable. Rest assured, we take great care with real applications. They are all independently vetted."
So hang on to them. Anyway, they will be correct as of next April.
Andrew points out that it's a pity that only one retailer called the helpline. "Would that all retail staff were as vigilant. Full marks to your reader."
In the end, he rather welcomed the publicity, given that the government has been backward in coming forward to acknowledge the pitfalls that await the retail community. So any publicity so long as you get the name right, or, er, the date.
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