Coca-Cola, BAT, Philip Morris and Mondelez have several things in common - being huge and having reps and loyalty schemes being a few of them. Another thing is Doing the Right Thing when the scheme doesn’t go according to plan, which all of them have done.

Coca-Cola European Partners was the latest to do so. Manjit Gill got in touch from Haydon Stores in Wimbledon, London, with the story of his four-month trial almost a year ago when he agreed a planogram with the rep.

It didn’t work out, but it was almost a year before a different rep appeared and took back cases of 500ml Oasis, Summer Fruit, Dr Pepper, Fanta Twist and Sprite. But his car wasn’t big enough for the out-of-date cases of Dr Pepper and Fanta Twist and Manjit says the rep told him to tip them down the sink and head office would reimburse him. It was worth £37.

“Now he doesn’t return calls,” says Manjit.

I spoke to the company; they paid him a visit, promised to replace stock and now everybody’s happy.