In the first issue of this year I wrote that there were a lot of un’appy people who had signed with Appy Ppl offering to sell you adverts on nearby restaurant menus.

Andrew Whyte wrote: “Following a refurb, we signed up for this in a moment of weakness, and regretted it immediately, but like so many of these plausible scams, it’s easier to suck up the loss than waste more money fighting it.

“The last straw was, despite having signed up and paid for two years in January, after 12 months they DD’d our account without notice, invoice, or explanation for £350. Our bank happily clawed back the DD when told the circumstances.

“Sadly (LOL), Appy Ppl are now in liquidation. I have received a letter from Freeths on behalf of Begbies Traynor, the liquidator, saying we are showing as an outstanding account for this £350, and threatening ‘further recovery action’. As you might expect, my response was, shall we say, robust. I would urge all your readers to give any requests for payment short shrift.”