They say if you have a problem you should go to the top. Bhavin Patel (Tylers Green Stores, North Weald, Essex) tried that last summer with Camelot when he wrote to Nigel Railton, Camelot’s CEO, to complain about empty slots for his Scratchcards display.

One thing I have noticed about Bhavin is that he never gives up as his almost daily emails to his news wholesaler show. Another is that he is unfailingly polite.

So, once again he has written to the boss. This is his opener: “Good afternoon, Sir! I am writing to you personally as I am very concerned that I am not receiving the appropriate stock of National Lottery Scratchcards, yet at the same time we receive messages on a daily basis via our National Lottery terminal that retailers should ensure that their Scratchcard dispensers are always full to maximise sales?”

He points out that he is trying hard to maintain consistent sales, but can hardly do that without appropriate stock received on time.

He adds: “My records indicate that one of the dispensers within my store (12-window unit) has been empty for five weeks now. I can further confirm that we have never received stock of the Cash Word Bonus Orange Scratchcards (game No 1130). This being the game that my online planogram states I should have within window seven of my dispenser at the present time.

“I can also confirm that the number one dispenser is also empty as Camelot has failed to deliver the £10 £4m Red (game 1135) once again on time.

“As has been the case for many years now, the only exception being when I was placed on a manual ordering system thus generating a sales uplift of a staggering 275%. I am being supplied on a repeated basis with slow selling games, hence stock tends to build up.

“I therefore kindly urge you to place my store back on a manual ordering system, so as I can once again gain full control of the ordering and availability of games.”

As this is being written Bhavin is in dialogue with Camelot.