Asif Mahmood and his brother Kashif took an enormous leap last year. After more than three decades with Spar they switched to One Stop. He says: “Sales are up by 20%, I get three deliveries a week and 70% of their stock is on promotion all year round.”

He reels off the prices to me: “Milk is £1, all year round, Warburtons bread £1 all year, 24 cans of Coke are £5. Even the non-promotional lines are cheaper.”

You would expect keener prices with the might of Tesco behind it, but he says there’s no interference.

It wasn’t a switch they undertook lightly. The decision took months and there were sleepless nights. Then they went on a tour of One Stops in England (they trade at Oakley in Fife) and came back impressed.

“The system is automated so it’s easy if you follow their working methods.” The cost to the family is roughly a £5K fee annually. “But it’s worth it. We’ve competed head to head with the Co-op for 10 years. Now we have better prices. Only in chilled and fresh are we slightly behind now, but they (One Stop) are catching up.”

Asif sent me shots of their refitted store - it looks great - and some promotional clips. One of the brothers’ quotes is a standout: “Do not let the fear of losing your independence lead you to losing your business to the competition. You should consider joining One Stop and let the competition lose theirs.”

And there has been one more plus… they are getting more time off.