Ratilal Sharma, who runs a Londis in Small Dole, West Sussex, was incensed when he saw an "Asda Rapped" story in The Sun. It was the 'small' mention that got him. "Asda was fined £80,000 for selling out-of-date food, including a pack of lamb chops 31 days past their use-by date and the only newspaper to cover it was The Sun. I checked every newspaper in my store and no one else covered it, apart from BBC TV."
I take his point. Some 59 out-of-date items were seized. If the guilty party had been an independent you can't help feeling that the papers would have made a meal of it.
However, his complaint came on the day that Tesco was the front page story in The Times over its overblown claims to corn-feed chickens and in the same week that Tesco had the front page (and a couple more inside) of my weekly local paper, The Guardian.
This latter story was based on BBC1's Whistleblower programme, where undercover journalists discovered too many disgusting things to go into here (including mincing cooked and uncooked meat together) at my local Tesco. I'm mighty pleased to say that I don't go there often, but as anyone who has worked for the big chains will tell you - they train the people but it doesn't always stick.
PS to this: Several days later, I receive an apologetic letter from the manager from above store, plus a £5 voucher. Presumably everyone around here got one of those.