Jayesh Patel, who runs Classic News in Northampton, originally got in touch to have a rant about the Health Lottery’s practice of giving out a ‘free’ hot ticket code with every ticket that customers purchase.

He says: “You can check your numbers online or in the papers. But you will not find anywhere this so-called hot ticket code.

“So how can a player find out if he has won?” he asks, “and is this just a gimmick to get more players?”

He decided to stop supporting the Health Lottery and has given his termination notice to Payzone.

“With ever-increasing costs and the treatment, service and low commission we get from Payzone, it is not viable to carry on supporting them.”

I checked on the Health Lottery’s website and it does give players entry into a free £25K raffle.

For the results, says the site: “Simply check the hot ticket code printed on your tickets at healthlottery.co.uk to see if you’re a winner. Raffle results can be found on our Results page, and the code can be found under the winning numbers on our Facebook and Twitter pages after each draw, or in the Daily Star and Express newspapers.”

As I said to Jayesh it sounds like a mix-up in terminology. For ‘hot ticket’ read ‘raffle’ number. And I think the come-on is to get more people to visit online and perhaps buy more tickets that way.

Certainly Jayesh wasn’t selling many tickets. He told me: “I’ve got one customer who buys two if I’m lucky.”

When I spoke to him at the end of February he was waiting for Payzone to come and pick up the machine which hadn’t worked for the past four weeks anyway. No reps’ visits, no returned calls and now no customers.