In our last issue Redmond Hanlon, who runs Bakery Stores in Winkleigh, Devon, had a bit of a rant about the number of unit sizes retailers have to contend with, particularly in the lager, confectionery and biscuits categories.

I asked him what he thought about the way manufacturers (sweetie ones in particular) launch so many variations on a theme, and that got him going again. He says: “The very worst are Haribo and Maynards Bassetts. Bags of three different weights, variously pricemarked or not. I stick them all out at £1 each, whatever the cost price.”

And my cynical self wondered whether manufacturers were trying to cloud the real cost of a product. The example that springs to mind is McVitie’s (sorry McVitie’s, but you are a biggie). Sainsbury’s sells the brand’s Digestives on ‘special’ sometimes in twin-packs (somewhere upwards of two quid). I can get them cheaper at my local Londis at £1 a pack, almost aways.